Nationwide New Energy

Nationwide New Energy was founded on March of 2007 Nationwide New Energy has over 35 years combined experience in the deregulated and regulated energy market. Our customer base is made up of medium to large restaurants, apartment complexes, hospitals, hotels, agricultural operations and commercial and industrial businesses. Nationwide New Energy has several value added services such as award-winning customer service Energy Provider(billing to outages), bill management, forecasting budget, demand-side studies, power factor, tax recovery, meter testing and demand response.

Nationwide New Energy takes great pride in how we train our staff. Our staff is well versed in all provider contracts and has strong market knowledge, which allows us to place the customer with the right provider. By properly placing our customers with the correct energy provider, they can benefit in savings and growth with their companies.

Nationwide New Energy Experts work on behalf of companies on a national level to lock in optimum rates, predict market changes, manage risk and budget for long-term stability. We are your independent and unbiased energy advocate, always focused on the best interests of your company. Our goal is to give the customer money-saving, energy solutions with customer satisfaction.