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Customer Service

Electric Provider Customer Service

We strive to be better than our competitors and at the root of this is satisfying not only our customer’s electricity savings but also taking the hassle away from customer service issues. We work with our suppliers to make sure our customers are taken care of.  Whether its power outages, billing issues or any other energy related issues, we make sure your company is in good hands. If you are a current customer and have a customer service issue please email or call customer service located on your electricity bill copy. 

Built on Relationships

Business RelationshipsWhen we first entered into business, we put together a plan that centered around taking care of our customers not only for a single contract term but for the entire duration that they are in business.  We are proud to say that this philosophy has stayed the central focal point over the years.  We give our customers the attention their business needs to make sure we are maximizing their electricity savings and building their trust in us as their energy advisor. Our customer renewal rate is extremely high because of this value that we have built our business on. 

Market Analysis

Energy Market AnalysisThe energy market is constantly changing, and we have energy specialists who are trained to always know which plan is right for you.  This involves knowing how suppliers are selling, what term heat strips are favorable, which plans are the best at what time and what is the energy market expected to do in the future.  Purchasing electricity and gas can be complicated and that’s how we help our customers.  We are constantly watching the market looking for dips to reduce your energy costs.  Each account is analyzed individually and given a thorough evaluation by our team to make sure your energy savings is maximized.