Electricity Service Plans

As your energy partner, we keep our customers updated with the very latest unbiased and informed energy industry information. All of our customers are different and therefore have different needs. Nationwide New Energy will go the “extra mile” to make sure that our customers have all the right information to make their informed energy usage and cost decisions.

Guaranteed Fixed Rate Plan

Guarantees an energy rate for a specific duration. Contracts give customers the unique opportunity to lock in rates and protect themselves from the fluctuating market for a long period of time. Terms range from 12 months to 60 months. During this term, your rate will never increase.

Indexed Rate Plan

An Indexed Rate Plan is a variable supply rate, your energy cost is determined by the local market rate and varies from month to month as energy prices fluctuate. The natural gas market and heat rate are the determining factors for the electricity market. The benefits with an indexed price are lower rates when wholesale market prices are down. You can lock in your indexed price to a guaranteed fixed rate plan anytime if market prices start to increase.

50/50 Indexed Rate Plan

A 50/50 Indexed Rate Plan is designed to provide a medium to low risk allowing the customer to put 50% of the load on a locked fixed rate while the other 50% can be on hand indexed rate. If the market gets volatile, the index rate can be moved over to the fixed product at market value.

Indexed to Fix Flex Plan

The index to fix flex plan is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility in acquiring a highly competitive energy rate while minimizing risk. This plan will allow the customer to move from a Guaranteed Fixed Rate Plan to an Index Rate Plan and back to a Guaranteed Fixed Rate Plan twice a year. This Plan is the premier energy management contract to allow either direct client management or third-party management.

Heat Rate Index Plan

The Heat Rate Index Plan allows you to fix the price for a percentage of your usage at different points in time by fixing the price of natural gas. Your benefits are use of gas market knowledge to manage electricity price and pay a lower average price over time.

Forward Pricing

We are able to sign customers up for 13 months with no interruption to their current service so that gives the flexibility to shop when the market is most favorable. If you have specific target prices in mind, we can pre-position a strike price agreement to execute the minute the market price falls low enough to hit it. Often the best prices are short-lived; we deliver the ability to catch the market dips when they happen. This will allow you to make a good business decision on when to buy.

Blend and Extend Pricing

The extendable option program gives those customers currently under contract the option of specifying both a trigger price and contract terms to extend existing contracts that are at the higher rate bringing their current rate down and resolving in savings for the customer. A Blend and Extend Product is only good to use when the market conditions are favorable.