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The Customer:

This customer owns a fast food restaurant franchise that includes 47 locations in the Texas region.

The Scenario:

This customer reached out to Nationwide New Energy to help reduce their very high electricity expenses. The combined 47 locations were consuming an average of 7.8 million kWh of electricity each year. The customer had 3 separate contracts with 3 separate energy suppliers all expiring at different times. Two of the contracts would not terminate for another year. The customer was also locked into a very high electricity rate for each contract, and it was our job to make sure this client was on the best possible plan for the right term length.

The Solution:

  • Brought all of the locations onto one contract so this owner and Nationwide New Energy could manage the account more efficiently.
  • Aggregated the entire electricity load together to get better buying power with the providers used for the bidding process.
  • Forward start all the locations that still had time on their current contact and co-terminated all of the locations so all the contracts ended at the same time under the same contract.
  • Had our energy specialist watching the market daily waiting for a dip in the market.
  • Negotiated a very low electricity rate on the customer’s behalf that saved them 33% for each year of the contract. We were able to get them this savings guaranteed for 48 months.