Industrial Electricity

Industrial Energy ProviderMinimizing your Industrial Electricity costs plays a key role in maximizing your company’s profit. Having the right electricity plan in place allows you to not be at a disadvantage against your competitors. If anything, it will give you an advantage over your competitors that do not know what electricity plan they should be on.  Unfortunately, it has become a growing trend in the industrial industry that companies do not take the right steps when dealing with their electricity plans. They are not proactive when they should be. This results in competitors having a leg up, since they hedged their power more efficiently. Or, profits are paying for electricity expenses they wouldn’t have if they had only taken the necessary steps to be on the right electricity plan.

Nationwide New Energy has market analysts who specialize in the industrial electricity market.  We work with you to make sure you are on the right plan, term and when to lock in at the right time.  With our assistance, your company can limit risks and take full advantage of purchasing deregulated electricity.  We will show you side by side comparisons of the best electricity options available to your company.  We will educate you on how the smart competitors in your industry are setting up their electricity.  We will show you only the most competitive electricity suppliers in your area.  We will also discuss with you the different terms available and which ones make the most sense for your company.

We have a track record for helping large and small industrial companies reduce their electricity cost.  Our customers like knowing that we are their energy partner and make sure they are always on the right electricity plan for their company.  To further discuss your electricity options, please call us at 972-369-4584 or email at