Restaurants and Retail Electricity

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, lowering your electricity expenses can be a significant factor in maximizing your profits.  Making sure you choose the right supplier, right contract term and contract execution time can be the difference in maintaining a high profit margin.  We have helped restaurants and retail businesses manage their electricity expenses through our expertise in the energy market. 

We will show you side by side comparisons of the best electricity plans, whether it’s a low risk fixed plan or a more aggressive index plan.  It is our goal to help educate our customers so that they understand the solution that we have provided for their energy needs.  We will show you only the most competitive electricity suppliers in your area.  We will also discuss with you the different terms available and which ones make the most sense for your company.

Restaurant and Retail ElectricityWe manage single location businesses as well as manage companies with 100 plus locations. Each account is looked at individually and specifically analyzed by our energy advisors.  Our customers like knowing that we are their energy partner and make sure they are always on the right electricity plan for their company.  To further discuss your electricity options, please call us at 972-369-4584 or email at